Thursday, March 10, 2011

What to do first ?

Do you ever have so many ideas in your head that you can't figure out what to do and then you don't do any of it? I have 2 quilts to finish and have started another two small projects which could turn into a mini quilt or pin cushions.... I have a baby quilt or baby items to make for Holly's teacher who is going on mat leave at the end of the month and now the school is looking for silent auction items and I am thinking about making another quilt! The thought of starting something new: trying out a new idea / theme/ technique / colour scheme is so exciting it is hard to keep on track and finish what I have started ! Ahhhh, so easily side tracked. Ok today I will work on finishing something I have started and then I can post a picture!
Next week is March break so we can look forward to trying out some recipes, one of the things we are going to make is the carrot cake recipe from America's test kitchen light recipes as the banana bread was such a star !

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  1. Oh Anne-Marie, you are I are birds of a feather. We think alike on so many levels. I too have many unfinished projects laying around my house or in boxes. I never finished my daughter's baby blanket and I haven't even worked (out of the home anyway) for almost two years! I have only the first few pages of my son's baby scrapbook done and he's about to turn 6 next month. Of course, we can use the excuse that our kiddos were a lot of work for the first couple of years right? Ok, enough excuses. I need to get to work on a project myself! Happy finishing :)