Thursday, October 27, 2011

Okay does anyone feel a bit gloomy this fall? Looking for a pick me up? My friends over at Beauty Crazed are having an amazing makeup give away,  we are talking Chanel, Dior, Benefit.. you name it, it is there go on have a peek and get your name down for that contest ! Honestly if I don't win it I want someone I know to win it .. and maybe you'll pass me over the Chanel lipstick that I would loooove to have just for letting you know about it ! Fingers crossed girls !

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh I have been gone a long time !

I have been not posting about everything I have been making and there has been lots and lots.  At the moment I am participating in 3 swaps on Flickr and am secretly sewing for Christmas. Now it is avoidance as I should be looking for a job hmm I need to bring the two together at some point, not sure how yet but I'm working on it !

Coming home from spending Thanksgiving with my family we stopped off at BonEcho Provincial park , I worked there one summer and my husband proposed to me there when I brought him camping there several years later, so this is a special place and to return even for an afternoon with my family was a treat. It was the last day of the season ( and luckily for us 28'c and sunny) so there weren't many people around and I was amazed by the beauty of the place again, and was able to share some of the the history  and beauty of the place to my children .