Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wow I am sewing up a storm!

The table has been busy, I have finished my swap quilt and I love it ! We haven't swapped yet so I won't show it yet. As for everything else I'm just going to make a list as soo much has been going on, then I think I will do a blog entry of the pictures !
-finished Megan + Steve's quilt
-Baby T's snail quilt top done
-worked out a plan for my AMH fabric and the HTS are made up
-Miraposa curtain is done I'm just looking to see if I have anything to back it .

And we have been baking:
-Chocolate chip ( a River Cottage Family recipe) a yummy cookie and the only recipe with weight measures so I know the ingredients were spot on but we had some baking issues they took longer than suggested and the second pan burnt around the edges, I think when we make them again I will use a standard measure for the cookies so they are all the same!

-Gingerbread Cookies (an Every Day Food recipe) The gingerbread were perfect, they were a little soft and had a workable dough and a nice tasting cookie, the recipe was just time consuming you had to chill the dough ( normal ) , then roll... then freeze the dough, then cut, and bake. The steps made them really good but a long process for making cookies with little kids.

-Banana Bread (America's test Kitchen Light and Healthy recipe) This was amazing, the recipe was easy and it is a low fat, lower sugar option and tastes fantastic! It is going to become a regular in our household. I would like to say that even though it is a 'light' recipe it has normal ingredients so no artificial sugars or the like. per slice Cal 150, Fat 2.5 g .

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