Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am doing my first quilt swap.

I am so excited, I am in a Flickr small quilt swap. I was a bit unsure if I was good enough to enter one, it is hard to tell some people have been quilting for a very long time and I haven't. This group has a bit of a voting system for deciding who gets who's quilt ( other swaps people get paired up - I think) and well, I want someone to want my quilt. It is a bit like when I was a kid and people were picking teams for dodgeball, you don't really want to be the last kid, the oh, ok I guess we will have them. I want lots of people to want my want my quilt. That might be why I have used some of my favorite fabric, you know if I love it maybe someone esle out there does to! I am using a pattern and have a time line . Normally I sew bits as and when and for a lot of it I wing it or adapt it so we have a couple of firsts going on here!
I can't show pictures of how far along I am but I have a little taster of what is to come . ( BTW this is the second project as I started a little something with some Anna Maria Horner's, Innocent crush, fabric but it wasn't working for me.)

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  1. Hi so fun that you popped in at my blogg! I see that you are just as exited and anxious like I am about swap´s. Please send me a contact on flickr so I can visit you there to, I love to share and comment on others photo´s. Flickr is addictive. See you!
    Karin på Ösäter