Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ooooh the birthday cake was a total success ! Now I will tell the extra healthy sneak that I had to do, I used 1/2 spelt flour as I didn't have enough plain. You couldn't tell and my hubby and daughter are usually the first to sniff out when I have ' healthed up' a recipe. Firstly I think starting with the great recipe helped. I love Cooks Illustrated / America's test kitchen, ever since I read my first Cooks Illustrated way back when I was hooked. The explanation of why the recipe works and how they came about to the best way to make something,  brilliant.  Their low fat carrot cake does not disappoint and unlike some recipes that are a bit gummy from the substituting of fat for something else, in this case baby food carrots, the cake had a nice crumb. And whoever thought of using marshmallow fluff and cream cheese for the icing awesome! I was worried it would stay loose but the top kinda dries a bit and I think it helps seal the cake as it was still as moist on day 3 as it was when we had it the day after it was made. I will be making this again !

As well I am in a Flickr embroider-bee and have made my squares for my hive members, now to get on with the embroidery.

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